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One Piece Game T Bone T Bone

T-Bone has curly long black hair, a skeletal face, long neck and he misses one tooth. He is pot bellied, with muscular arms and thin legs. Even after becoming a Marine, his overall appearance mirrors his former occupation: he is clad in a golden, sleeveless chain mail armor with an ornately decorated collar and he wears a helmet with a long, flowing purple plume on the top. Over his cuirass, he has a tunic emblazoned with the Marine symbol. He carries around his signature weapon, a decorated sword reminiscent of the ones used by Templars in popular fictions, either on his right hip (suggesting he may be left-handed or ambidextrous) or hanging from his back. Also, instead of wearing the standard officer’s Marine coat, he has a high-collared mantle with the kanji for “justice” (正義 Seigi?) printed on it.