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One Piece Game Morgan Morgan

Morgan : Five years ago, when Morgan was still a mere chief petty officer, he and his crew attacked the Black Cat Pirates one night, only to incur the wrath of their captain, Kuro. Morgan was the only survivor on board of his ship, which left him with a broken jaw and the loss of his arm. Refusing to beg for his life, Morgan challenged Kuro to bring him death. However, Morgan surviving the pirate’s deadly claws was deemed impressive, and Kuro used Morgan as part of his plan to escape the pirate life. Morgan was hypnotized by Jango into believing that he had captured Kuro (actually a lookalike pirate), gaining him immediate fame, the rank of lieutenant commander  and possibly setting him on the path to his current obsession with rank and power. While Kuro’s assault broke his jaw, causing him to get his brace, it’s unclear how or when he got his trademark axe hand.